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Local First works to encourage and educate our Hibiscus Coast Community about the importance and strong economic benefits of supporting our locally owned businesses, movements and events.


Our intention is to recycle money locally, whilst encouriaging stability and growth through the promotion of our local small town culture, values, and heritage for the betterment of our community

Mission statement

co-creating the develoment of the Hibiscus Coast grounded in local ownership

Vision Statement

The Hibiscus Coast as a chosen. destination again, with a thriving & joyful community and ever-increasing social wealth

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Why are local enthusiasts joining Local First today? Promoting Local is our symbol of community, making it easier for you to feel that special culture that you can only find in a small-town environment. Local First gives our small town the platform to share their stories, and promote their goods, services, and activities under a LOCAL BANNER with meaning. 

Your Mission Matters To Us
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Working together to build an affordable community hub where you can easily find and support local shops, events, and hidden gems along South Africa’s gorgeous South Coast.


Passion driven.

Do you ever feel like people pull away from responsibility because they think they don’t matter? At Local First, we’re turning that notion on its head by giving everyone the power to make a meaningful impact in their own community. Through collective effort, we make the concept of “supporting local” both attainable and scalable. In doing so, we enable wealth to circulate in a healthier, more balanced way—right here, in our own backyard.

Our Mission: Building Relationships. Nurturing Community. Boosting Local Economy.

Step into your one-stop marketplace designed to reconnect you with your local community. We’ve created a welcoming space where you can easily explore, rate, and support everything from the hidden culinary gems to trusted service providers in your area. It’s all part of making it fun and straightforward to rally behind our local businesses.

But we’re not stopping there; our community calendar is a tool for more than planning your weekend. It’s designed to uplift your spirits while shifting the collective mindset toward valuing the enormous economic and social benefits of keeping our money local, reducing the rands that disappear into the pockets of large national chains.

In essence, Local First is all about fostering a united community, laser-focused on re-establishing the Hibiscus Coast as everyone’s favorite destination once again. So let’s come together, united in the vision of revitalizing the Hibiscus Coast, and make it not just a place we live, but a vibrant community we’re proud to call home.

Kirsty Hooper, Founder