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Local First

join the movement of a lifetime

Local First works to encourage and educate our Hibiscus Coast Community about the importance and strong economic benefits of supporting our locally owned businesses, movements and events.


Our intention is to recycle money locally, whilst encouriaging stability and growth through the promotion of our local small town culture, values, and heritage for the betterment of our community

Mission statement

co-creating the develoment of the Hibiscus Coast grounded in local ownership

Vision Statement

The Hibiscus Coast as a chosen. destination again, with a thriving & joyful community and ever-increasing social wealth

Join the Movement
Why are local enthusiasts joining Local First today? Promoting Local is our symbol of community, making it easier for you to feel that special culture that you can only find in a small-town environment. Local First gives our small town the platform to share their stories, and promote their goods, services, and activities under a LOCAL BANNER with meaning. 

Your Mission Matters To Us
Tag Local First @localfirsthc in your favourite optimistic town posts and we can share them with our followers  #thelocalfirstchallenge

What is a Local Ambassador, and why are they important to Local First?

A Local Ambassador for Local First is a voice for their town, promoting it in a positive light by using the features available. Tools such as Event Software and Local First Marketplace.  Ambassadors are constantly looking for positive aspects to share whilst keeping their town unique and interesting attributes alive and well on the Sunny South Coast and we notice them by the use of the Facebook recognised hashtag #thelocalfirstchallenge. 

An Ambassador for Local First embodies small town pride and values, and strives to share all that their town can offer using our platforms, as well as sharing local developments and news with the hashtag #thelocalfirstchallenge. Local Ambassadors are an integral part of the Local First Mission and are vital to the growth and communication of the local movement. Let’s get you listed on our directory! 

Creating a VALUABLE  and AFFORDABLE local platform to easily EXPLORE & SUPPORT local businesses, events and unique offerings along our stunning stretch of the south african coast

Passion driven.

Have you noticed people relinquish responsibility when they believe that they don’t matter? 

With LOCAL FIRST we can put it the hands of more people, so more people have an opportunity to invest into their community. With TEAMWORK we can make LOCAL SCALABLE. Wealth can be distributed in a HEALTHIER manner by RECYCLING larger portions within our local ECONOMY. 

It’s really about coming together as a COMMUNITY ,united in the #VISION of the Hibiscus Coast as a chosen DESTINATION, again. 

Building Relationships. Building Community. Building Economy.


Offering you one local marketplace where we build a community keen on exploring and reviewing their local service providers. Making it fun and easy to support our local small businesses. Offering a community calendar, What’s going RIGHT! Newsletter and so much more. Besides for improving general optimism, our intention is to shift the mindset of our local residents, to one that understands and honours the important economic benefits of our local economy , before sending money straight out of it via big national chain stores. 

Kirsty Hooper, Founder