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To join their community contact Cassi on
083 226 4579
Yoga and Chi Kung practice at the Ramsgate whale deck
Breathe in the sea air - good for the lungs 🫁
Move the body
- keep the immune system strong and healthy 🧘🏻‍♀️
- connect to your divine and maintain a healthy brain with positive thought patterns 💫🙏🏻
All above good tips for staying healthy

Some people can feel a little bit intimidated and nervous to try yoga and that's not at all surprising when all you see online are teeny tiny yogis twisted in impossible positions with perfect lighting surrounded by succulents.
Yoga, and we cannot stress this enough, IS FOR EVERYONE!

No matter your body type, fitness, level of flexibility, ability, or mobility... yoga is for you.
Join absolutely any one of their classes. There are no advances or beginner classes... they practice together and you go only as far as your body wants to go.
Join their Ramsgate Whale Deck classes:
Wednesdays at 9am
Wednesdays at 5.30pm
Saturdays at 9am
R50 with a contribution going towards the Ramsgate Conservancy

Mind and Body COnnection at Ramsgates Whale deck 

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