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Dr Shekaar Rampersad is a qualified chiropractor and is registered with The Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa and The Dubai Health Authority.
He is currently based in Shelly Beach on the KZN South Coast. He has more than 15 years experience in private practice. He qualified from the Durban University of Technology in 2007 with a Masters in Chiropractic. He was also awarded the Clinic and Academic excellence award from the Department of Chiropractic. In 2008 he was awarded a poster presentation at the World Chiropractic Congress in Montreal Canada for his Masters research on ASTHMA as it pertains to chiropractic.

Dr Rampersad specialises in the following treatments:

Back Pain/ Ubuhlungu beqolo
Post Surgical Rehab/ Ukululama emuva kokuhlinzwa
Neck Pain/ Ubuhlungu bomqala
Pinched Nerve Pain/ Ubuhlungu bemithambo
Arthritis/Isifo samathambo
Whiplash/Ubuhlungu kuqhoqhoqho
Headaches/Ubuhlungu bekhanda
Muscle Aches and Pain/ Ubuhlungu bemisipha
Facial Nerve Palsies/ Ubuhlungu ebusweni
Frozen Shoulder/ Iminjunju emahlombe
Scoliosis/ Ubuhlungu emqolo
Slipped Discs/ Ubuhlungu bomgogodla
Tennis and Golf Elbow/ Ubuhlungu kwizikhwepha
Joint Pain/ Ubuhlungu kumalunga
Baby Colic/ Ukutetema kwengane
Sciatica/ Amajaqamba
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/ ukuvuvukala kwezihlakala
Plantar Fascitis/ Izithende eziqaqambayo
Gout/ Ukuvuvukala amadolo
Heel Spurs/ Ukunkenketha kwezithende
Sports Medicine/ Imithi yezemidlalo
Sports Injuries/ukwelapha iminjunju yezemidlalo
Degenerative Diseases of the Bone/Ukunkenketha kwamathambo

Methods and Techniques
The clinic utilises the latest methods and techniques, for example:

Radial pressure therapy
High powered laser
Low level laser
Tecar therapy
Co2 cryotherapy
Dry needling

Manual therapy, manipulation and mobilisation
Phitiozo light therapy
Cox flexion and traction therapy
Exercise therapy and rehabilitation
Compex Electrotherapy and ultrasound
Sequential compression therapy.

Bracing, strapping and ergonomic therapy
Vibration therapy
Activator and Cupping Therapy
Massage and Foam Rolling therapy
Deep Oscillation Therapy

Call us now for a same day appointment , walk ins are gladly accepted as well.

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