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There are SO MANY people in need
And the beauty of this is there are SO MANY people eager to help
Instead of having a “support locals in need” group overrun spamming the “charity” movement thus losing interest from those who could possibly help… 
 what if….
we follow the “energy exchange” theory that for every need there is a valid offering
Lets implement a system where a person is able to request a need 
by offering a product, service, skill, or a plan to pay it forward in another way..
This is what we’re going to do now …

The more we give, the more we can receive, right? RIGHT!



Before posting in LOCALS IN NEED



First, ask yourself

‘Who can I help?’

‘What can i do?’

from a place of good intention, how can you give back to someone else? 



Example: “Hello, my name is Kim. I am in need of stationery for my daughter. I can offer a portrait drawing. I bake really awesome cakes. I am really good at landscaping too and would love to help you with your garden. I really appreciate this opportunity” (PS – people love gratitude)


I think this small experiment could have a significant effect on the mindsets of all of us involved in looking at a more inclusive solution of “service to the community” and understanding there are enough of us to be the solution

WE can help those who share the need to pay it forward 




The joy of hopeful thinking

We exist in a world where for every need there can be found a corresponding offering ready and willing to meet that need. This has been referred to as The Law of Energetic Exchange.
All it requires is our whole-hearted participation — and a little faith that all of our needs can always be met
 IF you’re playing this earth game with an open heart and good intentions 

Part of #thelocalfirstchallenge
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