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Welcome to The Lady of Purple
Yashina Singh is the founder of The Lady of Purple

The Lady Of Purple was inspired by a Vision impressed upon my heart to see woman Unite, Strengthen each other, Grow and become a Recognized Driving Force in our various Local Economies.
There is Strength in Unity with women in business.
We have been stereotyped in our thinking in that we can only achieve great success through academic achievements such, degrees, doctorates, etc.
The name, “The Lady Of Purple” holds a deep religious significance for her which can be simply summed as:
Faith, Passion, Purpose, Position, Pride and Resilience

Here is the link for Yashina Singh's private profile

Here is the interview I did with Yashina on the Entrepreneurs Life Show

Lets all get behind her, she is a true inspiration and will help put the South Coast back on the map.

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