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Please visit our instructions page Add a New Listing

Please visit our instruction page Edit an Existing Listing

On the business listing you will find a “Report Now” button underneath the map.

Local First advocates positivity only. If you are unhappy with your service we require you to discuss it with the manager and owner before you REPORT. Local First will remove shop listings who get frequent complaints

Local First application is FREE for the remainder of the launch. Renewal of R150 ever 6 months 

We believe it’s vital to join forces . in todays business age. We are able to do much more with way less. Contact us here with a short but descriptive idea

As Sponsors catapult Local First forward, opportunities are infinte. We are all about innovation, doing things somewhat differently. We are looking for Legacy Sponsors to help us bring Local First to our Community as we lead the development of our community grounded in local ownership. 

Hibiscus Coast Seconds is our online community group with over 45 000 local members. Here we have our village. Post Discussion Topics, Searching For, Private Sales etc

HCS has been running for nearly a decade. It has grown substantially and cannot handle the influx of business posts that that we have allowed on the platform to in the past. Because our necessity of ours is to have members returning to HCS, we have limited posts on HCS to topics and private sales. We have opened more space for Self-promotion. 

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About Local First

The Hibiscus Coast as a Chosen Destination, again. A Clear Vision. Fun.

Passion. Motivated by Goals. Strengthened Economy. Teamwork. Uniting Local Businesses. Easy. Creating a mindset amoung consumers that local matters. 

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