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local first affiliate program

Local FIrst’s affiliate program is a great way to promote our local culture for a unique community while earning revenue for each signup

local first affiliate program

Have a positive impact

introduce Local First to families who can benefit from joining the movement 

Make a profit

earn money everytime someone signs up with Local First directory

local first affiliate program

Play a key role in improving and exposing our unique small towns to those eager to support

join a proudly local affilaite
program evolved from a passion project


Eager to help co-create a wealthier and happier community?


Do you believe our small businesses have loads to offer? 


Do you believe with a shift in mindset and a brand new perspective,  people would actually LOVE to spend even just 10% more locally each month if they had an opportunity? 


Do you believe with many like-minds promoting our locals, we can co-create wealthier and more self-sufficient communities?


Are you keen to share the movement so others can also be inspired to pursue their dreams and visions knowing there are locals advocating for them?

Who Is Local First?


We are a team of individuals acting as a megaphone for our local small businesses during these powerful years of change. We believe someone needs to champion the small-business environment which will see young businesses flourish, survive, and grow. Spreading the message to “Look Local First” on their behalf. We believe we have to be resilient enough to role with the changing economy and finding new ways to grow together will prove to be the best strategy ever. 


Goal: to support the visionaries of the South Coast and create a community of people who believe in and support this same message.

Through strategic marketing and advertising, we hope to grow our community of small business owners and advocates that help us continue spreading the word

Advocating for local

  • earn a commission for every valid listing on Local First 
  • stay updated on promotions 
  • Joining is FREE ! Our affiliate program helps monitor performance in real-time and gives access to Local Firsts tracking links to promote our offers
  • click HERE to apply for Local First’s affiliate program 
  • What is a Local Ambassador, and why are they important to Local First?

    An Ambassador for Local First embodies our small-town pride and values and strives to share all that their town can offer using our platforms, as well as sharing local developments and news with the hashtag #thelocalfirstchallenge. Local Ambassadors are an integral part of the Local First Mission and are vital to the growth and communication of the local movement

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local first affiliate program

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