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It’s only R480 to DIY list. Would you like the Local First Team to list you? No sweat! It’s just a ONCE OFF fee of R780 

(each listing is active for 6 months and a renewal of only R480 will apply)


What you get:

  • Be found easily! Stand out amongst corporates 
  • A GREAT looking comprehensive google webpage within our Local Marketplace
  • Social Media Sticker with unique QR Code
  • Easily add your calendar events (we may spotlight them)
  • Useful web stats to track the performance of your web page
  • Reviews & Ratings promotes your listings
  • Ride #thelocalfirstchallenge wave with us (how about we educate our readers to invest just 10% more into their local community a month?)
  • Access to a large pool of prospective customers via our niche-focused social media campaigns and online website recommendations
  • Opportunity to POP UP SHOP at our various Market039 events
  • Make it BIG!
  • We are focused on exploring our local culture and bringing that to our readers. Making it fun and easy to support local families, improving our local economy.
  • Educating people about the power they have as consumers
  • Supporting local is not just a call-to-action. It’s a strategy for widespread local economic growth.
  • We have a plethora of successful online social platforms that we continually grow, and we want to share them with you
  • This movement will forever evolve… we would be so excited to have you join us

To qualify for inclusion on our site you should meet the following criteria:

1. Is your head office within the Hibiscus Coast? 

2. Is your establishment something special and out of the ordinary?  

3. Is your establishment and the team members focused on growth and success?

4. Do you have great service history when we search? All admission is reserved and The Local First team may refuse an application.