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affiliate program policy

Local First is working for positive change — Co-creating a thriving community that collectively strives to to spread the message that LOCAL is the way to go for a booming economic future

1. Listing Options

1. DIY – R480 access is given to the business owner to create their listing, renewal fee will stay R480 this year 2023


2. VA (Virtual Assistant) R780 – the Local First Marketing Team (Organic Content South Coast) will create an epic listing for your listee utilizing all info from their online sources. The listing will be verified between you and your client before publishing and all necessary changes made. Renewal will be R480, unless they require a revamp and are unable to make the changes them selves. The affiliate will receive commission from the tier you are at 

2. How Long is a Listing Valid for


Imagine knowing every 6 months your Local First client database can renew.
What you put in, you will get out. Showing your listees that you care about their business will build a trusting relationship with your listee will ensure a renewal every 6 months
local first affiliate program


Imagine knowing every 6 months your Local First client data base can renew?
What you put in, you will get out. Showing your listees that you care about their business will build a trusting realtionship with your listee will ensure a renewal every 6 months
local first affiliate program

3. Affiliate Tiers

each affiliate will begin on TIER 1  20% – R90 from each successful listing through your unique link.

Once you have listed 50 businesses/getaways you will move to TIER2 receiving a full quarter 1/4 – R112 per successful listing (extra rewards for Tier 2 affiliates are in the plan)

There should be no heavy lifting on your part, showing your passion for Local and you will magnetize to the resonating locals – be the vibe you want to attract 

4. Affiliate payment

each affiliate will receive their commissions monthly. We will be in touch for your banking details. When you TIER up, and are earning considerably there may be a possibility for weekly payments 

5. Who gets the payment

There may be more than one affiliate with the same prospect, the link that is used to register and list will receive the comm. 

If Affiliate A approached a prospect some time back, but the prospect lists with affiliate B,  affiliate B will receive the commission. It is up to the affiliates/ambassadors to be out of the box with growing the movement and affiliate B may have a different tactic that sealed the deal

6. Upon approval

We need resonating humans to take this movement where it ought to be. If you are approved as an affiliate, we will be in touch with your starter pack consisting of movement information for you to get a better understanding as well as materials and information for online advertising

You will be added to the WhatsApp affiliate group where the Local First Team can get to know each other, build rapport and come up with awesome out-of-the-box ideas to make LOCAL the new BLACK (load-shedding pun not intended — hee hee)

7. Brand Awareness and Advertising

If you are approved, we will issue you with adverting material via the google drive link that will be with your resource pack. If you have any questions or ideas for new advertising concepts, our marketing team is always keen for ideas__ nothing is ever to out-of-the-box 

8. Termination

There does not need to be any notice given for cancelling your affiliate partnership with us. Please inform with your decision. 

We reserve every right to cancel an affiliates partnership for any reason that contradicts the way we ethically work to run Local First. Being your best version of yourself at all times is a sure way to have an awesome long-term relationship with the LF Team. 
If there should be termination, the affiliate will be paid out any unpaid succesful listings. No further renewals or referrals from that link will result in commisions paid. The profile will be removed from our affiliate program. 

It's just service to community - the monetary reward is the BONUS.

(application is quick and easy. A Google account will be necessary to apply)

Here is one simple but powerful rule - give people more than they expect to get

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