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Shining a spotlight

Local businesses bring vibrancy, history, and major economic power to our community and these are powerful tools Local First is leveraging.

We believe small businesses offer a unique touch to our community, shining a spotlight It’s all strategy.

By making it fun and easy to support the Hibiscus Coast, we will no doubt see an elevation in the economic wealth of the community.

It’s simple maths – the more people know about what local has to offer, the more people will invest in these services, businesses, events, organizations It’s a cycle really.

You support local business supports local business, and all of a sudden there’s a redistribution of wealth within our local families This way local businesses may be able to compete with big box brands more, and hopefully, have affordable prices with excellent skill, and epic customer service We’re not saying boycott big brands – NO NO! These businesses employ our locals

Everyone serves a purpose

Local First, however – our team shines a spotlight on our small-town neighbours, the guys with burning desires, the visionaries who have brilliant ideas and they’re eager enough to execute and nothing is going to get in their way…..

  • We’re here to offer opportunities to be seen and supported by people who want to support local
  • We’re here to lend a hand to people brave enough to launch their brand
  • We’re here to help existing quality small businesses enter into new markets, spreading brand awareness
  • Overall, we’re here to strategize and implement new ways to promote our local culture.

 We’re confident enough to know there are TONS of people eager to make a difference by spending even if it’s 10% of their monthly 💰 into their own community 💚


we’re even more confident in the knowledge that our out-of-towners/visitors / tourists and holiday makers love to exploreour unique offerings, and we’re here to make it fun and easy for them to do so

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