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Local Skills Matter

local skills matter

2020 was in preparation for 2021 – resilience and adaptability are our words for this year. Whilst we allow our governments to decide when and where we can earn an income, HCS and LocalFirst are banding together to reach the locals as we strategize the recreation and rebuilding of our local economy. 


What skills/qualifications do you have that could earn you an income right now? What opportunity are you waiting for? We want to know

Creating opportunities for inclusion that encourages everyone to participate in owning their future. Subscribe here LOCALFIRST

Our philosophy

LocalFirst is a mission based movement. Reinvesting into our local community. Encouraging the community to love local enough to look local first.


About our future

The Hibiscus Coast as a chosen destination again boasting a thriving & joyful Community with ever-increasing social wealth.


The visionaries

Kirsty Hooper

As we start to gather the visionaries, the ones for peace, happiness and a brighter future lets expand our networks and unite a bunch of insanely passionate individuals who share in our vision of a community grounded in local ownership. Listen to Kirsty's interview with host show Dawid Dorfling on the Entrepreneurs Life Show


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