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In the spirit of supporting local businesses and embracing the holiday season, we invite you to join #TheLocalFirstChallenge. This initiative celebrates the creativity and craftsmanship of the Hibiscus Coast community while making your holiday shopping a breeze.

What’s the Challenge? Throughout November, we’re offering a unique opportunity for businesses and artisans to showcase their locally-made items and gift options on our platform. The best part? It’s absolutely FREE! Normally valued at R480 for 6 months, this special offer allows you to list your products and connect directly with potential buyers.


Why Participate?

  1. Amplify Your Visibility: Your creations will be featured in our daily advertising category, ensuring that your unique offerings get the attention they deserve.

  2. Easy and Convenient: Listing on our directory is quick and straightforward and you’ll be all set to showcase your products.

  3. Holiday Focus: Embrace the festive spirit by using the banner area to spotlight your holiday-themed products or promotions. This is your chance to stand out during the holiday shopping rush.

  4. LOCAL FIRST and HIBISCUS COAST SECONDS (PTY) LTD will promote the category DAILY on our platforms.

How to Get Involved:


  1. Register on , select ADD LISTING, select DIY and upload all your information. On checkout use voucher code (that we will send you on you  application approval and receive 100% off y ou 6 month listing

  2. Choose Your Categories: Select the categories that best suit your products. Whether it’s handmade crafts, delicious treats, or one-of-a-kind gifts, we’ve got a spot for you.

  3. Join the Movement: Use #TheLocalFirstChallenge on your social media to let your audience know that you’re part of the local-first movement.

What Happens After the Holidays? After the festive season is over, you can update your listings as needed. We’re here to support your local business growth year-round.

The Hibiscus Coast community is bursting with talent, and we want to showcase it to the world. Join us in celebrating local businesses and artisans, and let’s make this holiday season a memorable one. Don’t miss this opportunity to promote your products for FREE and spread the #LocalFirst spirit.


 Let’s shop local, support local, and embrace the holiday season together!


T's & C's

Welcome to #TheLocalFirstChallenge – South Coast Edition! We’re excited to support our local community, and we’ve put together these terms and conditions to ensure a fantastic experience for everyone involved.

1. Local Products Only

  • We’re all about celebrating the talent and craftsmanship of our local community. To participate, your items must be created locally, and we encourage businesses to avoid imported items from sources like China Mall.

2. Geographical Eligibility

  • To join our initiative, participants must reside in the area with a 039 area code, representing the beautiful South Coast.

3. Delivery and Collection

  • Participants can discuss delivery options, meet-ups, or collection points with interested buyers. Be sure to arrange these details amicably.

4. Business Social Media Channels

  • We understand the importance of an online presence. For businesses participating, we encourage you to provide your social media links for potential customers to explore your offerings.

5. Logo and Branding Assistance

  • Need help creating a professional, unique logo for your business? LOCAL FIRST is here to assist. We value quality and uniqueness and are committed to ethical practices. Get in touch with us for logo support.

6. Promotion of Facebook Pages

  • As part of our promotion, we’re offering assistance in creating professional and quality Facebook pages for businesses. We’re all about genuine support, so if you’re interested, reach out to us.

7. Ethical Practices

  • We believe in fair and ethical business practices. Please adhere to ethical standards in all your dealings within #TheLocalFirstChallenge.

8. Consequences for Rule Breaches

  • Any participant found to be breaching these terms and conditions will be removed from all LOCAL FIRST platforms, including Hibiscus Coast Seconds, to maintain the integrity of our community.

9. Contact Us

  • If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance, feel free to contact us through our official LOCAL FIRST channels.

Let’s work together to make the South Coast’s local-first movement a success. By participating, you’re contributing to our vibrant community and helping local businesses thrive. We’re excited to have you on board for #TheLocalFirstChallenge – South Coast Edition!