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Market039 & Dezzi Raceway

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The day gets started around 9am, but we encourage you to come no later than 7am with a FUN DAY mind set. The Dezzi Market is more than a general family market, all-round exciting and unique experience   the stall holders too, you have TWO bands, please do enjoy the races too. GOODVIBES ONLY

We will be in touch with approved markets

Social Media Platforms

Chance to expand brand awareness
Potentiality to expand customer base
Perks of online exposure via the local first team
Demonstrate your Work , Introduce yourself to the public
Online Google Marketplace for Local Startup's

“Working with those who wont accept anything less than fufilled success”

Kirsty Hooper

After the event has taken place, please com back and give us feedback to assist us in our next endeavors to promoting local


Hibiscus Coast only


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