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Market039 & the easter fare

Info sheet

The day gets started around 10am, but we encourage you to come no later than 9am with a FUN DAY mind-set

An Easter Makers’ Market at Spillers Wharf in Port Shepstone. Taking place Saturday April 8th 2023, 11 – 4. 

We will be in touch with approved exhibitors

Social Media Platforms

social media platforms

Chance to expand brand awareness
Potentiality to expand customer base
Perks of online exposure via the local first team
Demonstrate your Work , Introduce yourself to the public
Online Google Marketplace for Local Startup's
fish on the river easter market spillers wharf

“Working with those who wont accept anything less than fufilled success”

Kirsty Hooper


  • promote our local skilled folk who have locally-created products that deserve to be seen and bought 
  • promote local venues
  • create a fun, easy and safe way to support local 
  • to spread awareness on the benefits of supporting local over national/international
  • to give our locals (and visitors) exciting things to look forward to 
  • to contribute to the vibrancy and unique offerings that our South Coast community has on offer
  • reinvest money locally 
  • to inspire other skilled locals to take their passion and turn it into a brand


Hibiscus Coast only


071 202 6086