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Please take a moment to complete and submit this application for the Popup Holiday Market in shelly Centre.

–.> Registration is open for December

Complete and submit your application. 

Vendor admission to the market will be a two-step process: 

  1. The Local First Team and Shelly Centre Team will approve those who do not directly compete with stores or each other. 

2. Upon approval you will receive an email with an invoice attached.  Once the invoice is paid, your spot will be secured! Make sure you reference your payment or email POP to

Please send any questions you may have to:

3.The vendor fee is R450 for the entire duration for Local First listed businesses. This ends up around nearly R11 a day. The fee and the commissions cover all shop costs, shop fittings, employment, daily advertising with Local First and Hibiscus Coast Seconds and other costs. A portion of each vendor fee will go toward the Facebook and Instagram sponsored Local First advertising targeted out of town for additional education and awareness of our coast 

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why POP- UP?

December 2022 

The concept of a POP-UP shop is nothing new. Temporary retail opportunity is a sales strategy used to build brand awareness, test new markets, and increase sales. They’re also brilliant ways to introduce new products

Grow an Online Brand

Physcial shops are a great way to add a human element to your brand. Many shoppers like to see, and touch a products before making a purchase

Test a New Revenue Stream 

Costs are minimal comapred to setting up your own shop, which makes it easier and less of a risk to experiement with a new products and experiences. It is also good to see if it is worthwhile opening up your own shop after customers get proof of concet for your products without a full commitemnt

Boost Sales


The most enticing reason to join a holiday pop-up shop.  This increases shopper urgency as customers are aware of possible exclusive products. 

Peak Shopping Season 

Being one of the most popular season events, this is the perfect time to tap into this peak season. A pop up shop is th ebest way to reach new customers who are ready to spend, increase your holiday sales. 

Engage your local community 


With Local First’s active advertising campaigns, locals will feel motivated to take part/ be involved in our local brand advocacy¬†

Reach new customers 

Penetrate a new market whilst keeping costs down. Introduce your brand to more build, build awareness which builds trust. 


Complete and submit your application¬†– and let’s have some FUN!¬†



think out-of-the-box, ideas for stocking fillers, christmas eve boxes, 


Hibiscus Coast only


071 202 6086