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Local First - Hibiscus Coast Social Media Management, Design, Strategy, Distribution - we LOVE Working with local businesses, we LOVE increasing the local community wealth

Local First Goal - the local online marketplace making it fun and easy to support our local community along the Hibiscus Coast / South Coast 

  • business * events * initiatives 
  • Research shows shifting just a small percentage of your monthly spending from National Chain Stores and the Internet to your LOCALLY OWNED, independent local stores, keeps cash RECYCLING LOCALLY creating more OPPORTUNITY for innovation. Every time you spend locally, you invest in a better future for our community
  • Buy Local, when it makes sense, and with the intention of a strengthened local economy.


WHAT WE DO - #thelocalfirstchallenge with over 70 000 (combined followers)

  • This Incredible Marketplace - intention --> connects community, people,  buyers and sellers, improving our local tourism whilst reinvesting money into our local economy
  • #localgemspotlight spotlighting local businesses, experiences etc (sponsored)
  • Co-creating a happy, wealthy community List here 
  • Content Creation - making magic on social media pages, but also ensuring distribution of this epic content to the people who need to see it intention ---> speak to your current and future customers by building rapport with honest, ethical, and consistent information
  • Content Distribution - we work closely with businesses and their marketing teams. If the local distribution is what you are looking for the SHARES package is perfect
  • Pop-up Physical Markets / Collaboration to advertise markets running / Provide vendors fort markets
  • Intention ---> create deserved awareness of deserving products/brands, ensuring a consistent presence for our followers
  • Community Groups - over the years we have created marvelous local community groups. The first, and original BUY and SELL group Hibiscus Coast Seconds birthed many new groups assisting the locals eg - cars, property, auction etc  offering small businesses TWO days per week for advertising, join HCS (local only). #cybermonday and #promofriday (please use the hashtags - it's super helpful for all)


It is not the smartest or the strongest that will ''survive', it's the people who are able to innovate and adapt.

Here's to #OpportunityForAll


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Local First and our Partners

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