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Overview of the Local First Directory


Now that we’ve introduced you to the mission of Local First, let’s dive into one of our key tools for achieving that mission—the Local First Directory.


The Local First Directory is essentially our digital hub, a dynamic platform designed to showcase and promote the incredible array of local businesses, events, and experiences in our local community. It’s where we bring together the heartbeat of our local economy and culture.

Imagine it as a virtual town square, where businesses, organizations, events, and creative experiences all have a place to shine. It’s a place where people in our community and beyond can come to discover, connect with, and support what makes our area unique.


This directory serves multiple purposes:

1. Visibility: It offers businesses and events increased visibility. When you’re listed on the directory, you become more discoverable to locals and visitors alike.


2.Community Connection: It fosters a sense of community by connecting people with the best that our area has to offer. Whether you’re a local or a newcomer, it’s your go-to resource for discovering the gems in our community.


3. Support for Local Businesses: It’s a powerful tool for supporting local businesses. When we promote these businesses collectively, we contribute to their growth and, in turn, the overall economic health of our community.

3.1 An exceptional added advantage awaits aspiring entrepreneurs who may have hesitated due to advertising concerns, lack of initial exposure, or a small following. Our sign-up process offers a warm welcome spotlight and an exclusive Local First listing spotlight, providing remarkable introductions to our dynamic movement.



One of the (very many) awesome things about the Local First Directory is that it’s user-friendly. Businesses can easily create and manage their listings, while users can effortlessly explore the incredible selection of offerings in our community.


As an affiliate, you’ll play a pivotal role in getting businesses on board and helping them maximize the benefits of this platform. You’re essentially a bridge between the directory and the businesses you serve.


In the upcoming videos, we’ll delve into the specific features and advantages of the directory, so you’ll be well-prepared to guide businesses through the listing process. Together, we’ll make sure that our local businesses, events, and experiences get the recognition they truly deserve.


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Our mission is to champion the economic and cultural vitality of our community by promoting and supporting locally-owned businesses, events, and initiatives.

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