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part 4 - listing benefits

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Benefits of Being Listed on the Local First Directory

  1. Increased Visibility: When you list your business on the Local First Directory, you instantly gain greater visibility. This means more potential customers discovering your business and learning about what you have to offer.

  2. Access to Wednesday Posting: We’ve reserved Wednesdays on Hibiscus Coast Seconds exclusively for our listings to post updates and information. It’s an opportunity to keep your audience engaged and informed, and only listings with active links will be approved. This means that only the adverts that will be approved are the ones with a LINK and a description. The banner image should open up once the link is posted. This increases the traffic on Local First as well as gets the listed business an extra day on HCS. (photos cannot be added with the link as it nullify many paying clients on HCS)

  3. Welcome Spotlight: As a new addition to the Local First Directory, they will receive a warm welcome spotlight. It’s our way of introducing them to our community, making sure they’re recognized and celebrated from the very start. This is posted directly to Local First Facebook and Instagram pages and then posted to HCS. 

  4. Local First Listed Spotlight: The business will also be featured a second time on Local First Listed, extending your reach and increasing your visibility further within the Hibiscus Coast community. 

  5. Local First Pin Image: We provide them with a unique Local First pin image that you can proudly display on their social media platforms and website. It serves as a badge of honour, signaling that they are part of the LOCAL community businesses.

  6. Six Months on the Directory: When they join the Local First Directory, the initial listing lasts for six months. This offers ample time to reap the benefits and engage with our community. After the initial period, they have the option to renew and continue enjoying the advantages of being part of our directory.

Why Renew?

Renewal is an opportunity to maintain your connection with the Local First community. It ensures that their business remains visible, and their listing remains active, updated, and renewed. Plus, as our directory continues to grow and evolve, they’ll be part of an ever-expanding network of local businesses and enthusiasts.

It’s important to display excitement and your own belief in the movement for the ideal client to feel the same energy and have no doubt but to join on the journey of celebrating and supporting all things local, and experience the difference of being part of the Local First Directory can make for their business.

These benefits and features are designed to help businesses thrive, increase their reach, and actively engage with the local community, ultimately contributing to a vibrant and prosperous Hibiscus Coast. on

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our goal is to Increase Local Spending: Encourage community members to shift a significant portion of their spending to local businesses, strengthening the local economy.

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