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part 5 - event promotion & key features

Local First - communty support

andom Event Spotlights: One of the ways we actively support event promotion is through our random event spotlights. This feature allows us to illuminate various local events, granting them the recognition and visibility they truly deserve. It’s a golden opportunity for businesses and event organizers to expand their reach, ensuring their events are well-attended. When events are added to the directory’s event section, they may become eligible for spotlights (depending on frequency and availability).

Collaboration Agreements: For events seeking even more extensive exposure and marketing support, we offer collaboration agreements. These tailored agreements are crafted to provide comprehensive event coverage and robust marketing assistance. If you’re working with businesses that are planning events or if your clients are event organizers, exploring these collaboration agreements can significantly boost the event’s visibility and success.

So, whether you’re promoting local businesses or helping organize exciting events, Local First has the tools and opportunities to elevate your impact and make a significant difference in our community. Let’s work together to make the Hibiscus Coast an even more vibrant and thriving place for all!

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our goal is Community Education: Educate residents and visitors about the benefits of supporting local businesses, emphasizing the positive impact on job creation and environmental sustainability.