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Renewal and Long-Term Engagement

Renewing a directory listing on Local First extends its presence and signifies a commitment to sustained engagement and business growth within the community. Affiliates play a crucial role in guiding businesses to maximize the platform and ensure their ongoing success. Here’s a comprehensive understanding of the renewal process and the promotion of long-term engagement:

Renewal Process: Following the initial six-month listing on Local First, the will receive a email letting them know thier listing is about to expire, and so businesses must go through a renewal process to maintain their visibility on the platform. This is now the job of you, the affiliate to get them to relist. We hope at this point it is a no-brainer and they find much value in the directory and being part of the challenge. This renewal process may involve a slight increase in the renewal fee, which contributes to covering the additional operational costs of Local First, ensuring the platform’s continued effectiveness, likely from 2024 an increase to R520 for a 6-month listing. Affiliates earn a R90 currently for each successful DIY listed through the affiliates link, and R150 for each VA listing. 

Long-Term Engagement: Affiliates’ responsibilities extend beyond the initial listing creation. They actively support businesses in making the most of the platform’s features, such as posting updates on Wednesdays and participating in event spotlights and collaboration agreements. Affiliates offer guidance and assistance to help businesses optimize their visibility and impact within the community, by interacting with a LOCAL FIRST Facebook profile etc 

Additional Incentives: As affiliates gain experience and proficiency in listing creation, they have the opportunity to earn an extra R150 for each listing that they may creat as a Virtual Assistant (VA). This presents a chance to take on a more hands-on role in expanding the directory.

In essence, renewal isn’t merely a transaction but a commitment to ongoing growth and community involvement. Affiliates are instrumental in helping businesses recognize the value of long-term engagement with Local First.

Support and Resources for Affiliates

Local First prioritizes equipping affiliates with the necessary support and resources for their success in promoting the platform. Here’s an overview of the available assistance and resources:

Contact Points: The Local First team whatsapp group will be available to you for absolutely any queries 

Materials: Local First provides you with materials to acquaint affiliates as well as business owners with the platform’s mission, features, and strategies for effectively promoting directory listings. These materials such as prospectus and QR quick link sheet empower affiliates with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in their role.

Physical Copies: Affiliates receive physical copies of essential materials, including sign-up forms, about us documents, and prospectuses. These materials are particularly useful for face-to-face engagements and presentations to potential clients.

Google Drive: Local First maintains a Google Drive repository containing a wide range of promotional materials, including advertisements and assets to support affiliate activities. This repository serves as a valuable resource for effectively marketing Local First. 

Local First offers a range of advertising, content creation, and sharing services that go beyond the standard directory listings. It’s crucial for affiliates to understand these services to ensure that businesses they work with are aware of the options available for additional promotion.

  1. Spotlight: Our Spotlight service puts businesses in the limelight. It’s an opportunity for businesses to have dedicated content created that highlights their unique offerings, stories, and events. These spotlights are designed to capture the essence of the business and engage our community.

  2. Listed: Businesses can choose to be Listed, which includes prominent placement in our directory along with special highlighting. This boosts visibility and ensures they stand out to potential customers browsing our platform.

  3. Wednesday Open: Every Wednesday, we offer businesses the chance to share their Local First link and join the #thelocalfirstchallenge. This is a day dedicated to promoting local businesses, and it’s a great way for businesses to connect with our community and reach a wider audience. Banner Advertising: We also provide banner advertising opportunities when they share their links (URL). Businesses can use this prime space at the top of their listings for advertising purposes. It’s an effective way to catch the eye of visitors and drive engagement when they post into HC Son Wednesdays.

These services are separate from our standard directory listings and offer businesses the chance to get more out of their Local First presence. As an affiliate, it’s important to make businesses aware of these options if they’re looking for additional promotion beyond their listing.

Feel free to reach out to our team for more details on how these services can benefit businesses you work with. We’re here to help you help them make the most of their Local First experience.

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