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You want what we can give in large doses! This way we can also help you launch your business social media campaign. We can get your business pages full of awesome relevant content. Working with your ideas and creating magic for your page followers to engage in whilst on the hunt to build your follower base. With a sponsored Facebook advert per month, a sliding banner advert promoting a product/service on our main local first web pages, we will have your social media presence booming in no time at all




What’s included:

  • Introductory #localgemspotlight on Local First_Hibiscus Coast  and on Instagram
    • We post as your page
    •  2 social media accounts
    •  #localgemspotlight to thousands (introductory Welcome Post)
    •  Advert spread on Everything Hibiscus Coast Seconds (22000 followers) once per month same day as
    •  Banner Space once per month on HCS, Food and Fun etc
    •  Strategize new concepts and exciting out-of-the-box ideas
    •  Themed Layout Designs
    •  The goal is to grow your brand organically
    •  HCS PACKAGE (you can share your content no more than 3 times per week on to HCS including days that are not Monday and Friday free days)
    •  Min 5 posts PER WEEK Content Creation (we create it and post it to your social pages) and shared to our platforms
    •  Posted to Local First and Partners, Hibiscus Coast Seonds, HCS Ads, Food and Fun (if applicable)
    •  Social Media Interaction, random shares by our team members
    •  Our other platforms such as Property and Cars are also available for use with businesses offering those services
    •  Featured on LOCAL FIRST.AFRICA under PARTNERS and another relevant page
  • This package is subject to approval to ensure there are no competing HCS-featured clients in this same service category.


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