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Let’s get your page seen in plenty!  Your brand deserves a spa  day   month. We’re here when you need us

Keen for a campaign? Launch? VIP treatment? We understand time is a rare commodity, and you are busy creating your best life, we can get you quality leads whilst building your social media presence, with almost no effort on your part – except for keeping us in the loop with your needs and ideas – we book best as team! Let us showcase your brands’ personality and fab local features to our followers. Local First Partners Facebook page,  and onto our HCS platform every #cybermonday and #promofriday.

Original price was: R7,500.00.Current price is: R4,980.00.



What’s included:  for MAJOR insights

Strategy – Launch – Content – Distribution

  • Introductory #localgemspotlight on Local First_Hibiscus Coast  and oInstagram
    • Page creation (if applicable)
    • We post as your page
    •  2 social media accounts
    •  #localgemspotlight to thousands (introductory Welcome Post)
    •  Advert spread on Everything Hibiscus Coast Seconds (22000 followers) once per month same day as
    •  Banner Space once per month on HCS, Food and Fun etc
    •  Strategize new concepts and exciting out-of-the-box ideas
    •  Themed Layout Designs
    •  Goal is to grow your brand organically
    •  HCS PACKAGE (you can share your content no more than 3 times per week on to HCS including days that are not Monday and Friday free days)
    •  Min 5 posts PER WEEK Content Creation (we create it and post it to your social pages) and shared to our platforms
    •  Posted to Local First and Partners, Hibiscus Coast Seonds, HCS Ads, Food and Fun (if applicable)
    •  Social Media Interaction, random shares by our team members
    •  Our other platforms such as Property and Cars are also available for use with businesses offering those services
    •  Featured on LOCAL FIRST.AFRICA under PARTNERS and other relevant page




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