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Would you like to join our “daily meal deals”?😍 to showcase your unique weekly offerings and create a buzz?  Campaigning local is the name of the game 🙌 #thelocalfirstchallenge 


Daily meal deals is being launched to grab a new target audience,  the guys looking for budget friendly weekly meals – by the day & area ✅ 


Founded as a way to encourage locals and holidaymakers to EAT LOCAL 🍔  instead of using the overpriced franchises.. This is also a great way to support our movement of spending as little as 10% local each month, imagine our THRIVING  local economy,  the restaurants, cafes and takeaways that form the backbone of our community 😀

What does a daily meal deal look like?

 Here’s what you get!


Placement of Deal(s)

Linked to your Listing on Local First Marketplace

Static Menu on Local First

Static Menu on Local First Main Menu

Daily Category Post Scheduled to HCS

Admin referral on HCS when relevant

Search Engine Optimized





We want to introduce our readers to the huge variety of awesome local options that our beautiful coast offers. Looking for all – unique experiences; different cuisines, different places to fall in love with while also presenting the latest restaurant news, events & specials to Local First and Hibiscus Coast Seconds community. 






Contact us!


email us

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Before we can go ahead with listing you on the menu, we will need you to create your personalized online storefront (listing), this is where we will find your latest information. 


Please tell us all about your brand on your storefront, so that we can highlight your awesomeness and optimize your promotion on Local First and our platforms..


Terms and Conditions


-All deals need to be sent to your account manager at least 3 days prior to “deal day”

Information must include : 

– Best photos of product on promotion

– Your Area

– Offer delivery?

– Sit-down, Takeaway or both 

– Promotion Information (evidently a promotion)


– All terms and conditions related to the special

-All Local First members should evidently support local companies

-Quality Products with fantastic customer service as well as STAFF treatment

-Respect the efforts we are placing into #thelocalfirstchallenge for mutual respect, please use the hashtag on your social media to show you are part of the challenge

-Please settle your account prior to the NEW MONTH RUN of the 1st of each month (unless a different date is formally agreed upon), all promotions are terminated without payment immediately

 -Local First will only Partner with businesses who practice extremely high Ethics and we reserve the right to deny, or cancel any advertising.

Local First & our Partners