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Local First are a team of businesses and individuals, working with intention, on a movement to spread awareness of the local establishments who form the backbone of  our community. We have been doing this in efforts to magnetise toward like-minded locals that share a common vision of a thriving Hibiscus Coast, a community that understands how supporting the local creatives , the visionaries… quality….  local startups, restaurants, businesses, initiatives, that bring the vibrancy that we collectively offer. to the forefront. 


Over the COVID years, we strategized ways to improve the local economy. By utilizing our already thriving community groups and spotlight what makes us unique, we have developed (and not limited to) a platform for local businesses that showcases their services and skills. Each business gets a unique google listing with all the valuable information , social sticker with QR code (recently listed accounts) with many other perks. By adding the facebook recognized challenge hashtag #thelocalfirstchallenge the business is proudly claiming their involvement in the movement putting wealth is put back into the community. Our active hashtag has been used over 20K times on Facebook and we check it regularly to share good local news, awesome local businesses and initiatives that use our hashtag!



Created as a sister initiative to Hibiscus Coast Seconds®, everything that we do at Local First is set with intentions to grow the local economy and create opportunities for the people who are skilled, qualified and passionate and ready to deliver epic service to our epic locals and visitors.

Working for change, and co-creating the development of the Hibiscus Coast grounded in local ownership.


Finding all the best, unique, out-of-the-box businesses and initiatives and experiences whilst adding a unique touch to our home – is what drives this passion project.  By exposing the #localgemspotlights, we are able to put the small guys on the map and this allows our local dreamers and makers to bring forth all hidden talents, skills and abilities easily living a fulfilling life..

There is space for everyone that shares our same growth mindset. Who do you know that will be keen get onboard #thelocalfirstchallenge? #localgemspotlights? Are you ready to get your business on the map?