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Mar 13
Shop Small, Make a Big Impact on The South Coast

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, it's easy to forget the importance of supporting local businesses. But shopping local is about more than just helping your neighbours - it's about creating a vibrant, thriving community that benefits everyone.

Sep 20
Local First Features

Empower Your Business with Local First's Dynamic Features

Apr 20
Why Local?

Share on telegram Share on facebook Share on whatsapp Share on twitter  ‘Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.’ ― Robin Sharma Let’s gather all the Visionaries Let’s encourage the Entrepreneurs Lets lead the development of a Community grounded in Local Ownership Let’s lead the development of a Community grounded in Sustainable […]

Sep 18
Local First Directory – INFO

Facebook WhatsApp The Local First Challenge Welcome to Local First – Hibiscus Coast, where community empowerment meets entrepreneurial dreams, and together, we build a wealthier local community. We believe that a vibrant community starts with thriving local businesses, and we’re here to make that happen by co-creating the vision of a self-sustainable local economy.  the […]

Sep 18
HCS Admin

Facebook WhatsApp In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a spark ignited within our local community. Recognizing the need for solidarity and support, HCS birthed “Local First” as a humble yet powerful movement in an attempt to keep as much money as we possibly could – local.  Conceived within the nurturing embrace of HCS (Hibiscus […]

Jul 19
The Power of Tone: Building Meaningful Connections with Potential Customers

Tone is Everything Twitter Facebook WhatsApp In the world of local business, establishing genuine connections with potential customers is vital. Whether it’s face-to-face, over the phone, or through online messaging, the tone you use conveys your brand’s personality and values. Imagineyourself engaging with your local community, where authenticity and relatability play a crucial role in […]

Jun 02
Kerri Mitchell Wins Hospice Raffle

local kerri mitchell wins hospice south coast raffle Winner Kerri Mitchell and her mom Carol collected their prize today from Seeff Hibiscus Coast We extend our deepest gratitude to Kerri for her participation and for being a shining example of the spirit of the raffle for South Coast Hospice. We hope that the beautiful photoshoot, […]