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Sebenza Village

Sebenza Village in Ramsgate, South Coast, Kwa Zulu Natal consists of quaint wooden cottages. These are the village shops.   There is also a play park for children. With many interesting shops and places to eat


Did You Know – Sebenza History 

A retired couple from Hillcrest involved in nursery work for many years, were renting a small cottage on the property in Ramsgate, they suggested together with Eric that they start a little retail nursery growing seedlings, using cuttings and in doing so erected a shade house. Today it has been established into a large garden centre, surrounded by 12 timber shops that Eric had erected to form a complete shopping village, named Sebenza Village. The name Sebenza derives from one of the previous owners of the land, Tommy Turnbull, who named the property in 1945. He also owned the Regent Hotel in Margate at the time, and used the property to grow his vegetables, as well as a piggery for his hotel. After a couple of months a farmer offered us 40.000 palm trees from his farm that he wanted to sell. We took 2000 at a time on consignment, as money was tight in those days. Our advertisement in the local paper read: 6 varieties of palm trees, 1m tall 99c each, only 4 per customer. People came from far and wide, and within 3 months all palm trees were sold. This put Sebenza on the map.

Sebenza Nursery

Garden Products, Coffee Shop, Restaurants, Craft Products, Bakery, Hair and Nail. Cosmetics, Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Wood, Mathematics classes, Butchery and Bakery, Leather products, Passive Exercising classes, Embroidery, T-Shirt Printing, Le Shaq Co, , Sewing Machine Repairs, Furniture making and repair, Gift Shop.etc

Le Shac co

039 312 2367
Le Shaq Co was born out of the need to create an environment where creative people work together and collaborate. With over 50 years combined and more than a decade on our beautiful South Coast of experience in all things branding, creating, designing, printing, gifting and embroidery, Le Shaq Co are the correct people to come see. Our offering is as limitless as the imagination... - Embroidery - Branding - Design - Corporate gifts - Art - Personalised gifts - All things apparel - Printing on shirts, caps, coffee mugs and much more.. We specialize in branding and gifting for companies, small business, families, and that special someone. At Le Shaq Co we love to bring your idea and brands to life, be it on a T-Shirt, Golf Shirt, bag or any other surface or product.


Hardekool is a Family Friendly Pub & Grill and Car Wash with the bushveld vibes brought to the South Coast on Marine drive in Ramsgate Sebenza Village. We are the number one place for good Afrikaans music and Langarm dance. The Bike and Car Wash is also open

Coleens Shop

Colleens Cosmetics: 039 312 0416 For nearly 10 years Colleen’s Cosmetics and Gifts have been supplying the South Coast with cosmetics, make-Up and perfumes at Factory Prices.

Klein Bosveld

Yoga is a practice of gentle stretching, exercises for breath control, and meditation a tool for mindfulness. The theory behind yoga practice is that the union of mind and spirit in exercise brings balance to the body and promotes healing Most importantly, a growing body of research suggests that the practice of yoga may reduce insulin resistance syndrome and may attenuate signs, reduce complications, and improve the prognosis of diabetes

Spot On Laundromat

Full-service laundry offering Washing, Drying, Ironing, Stain removal and Folding of your precious laundry. We cater for Hotels, Guest Houses, B & B's, single people, families and the community in general. Commercial and domestic Laundry servicing caterers, schools, factories, workshops, hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, holiday accommodation and families on the South Coast. You can drop off or we can come collect.

Buyisela Splashed in Colour

081 536 5036 At Buyisela Splashed in Colour we offer a wide range of services from furniture repairs and renovations through to complete home make overs. Our inhouse skills are not limited to just furniture renovation, they are master craftsmen with eh skills to manufacture amazing bespoke furniture to suite all tastes.


079 138 2009 One of best Nails and Hair Salon on the South Coast. All nail care services from acrylic to gel nails. All hair care services from cutting, colouring, shaving designs to hair extensions.

Inch By Inch

074 250 2702 Inch by Inch is passive exercise beds are motorized to mechanically induce gentle, repetitive motion. Each of the 7 different beds works on a specific area of the body, stretching and tightening the muscles without stress or strain for both the front and back of the muscles and organs. Using a bed for average 8 minutes allows the muscle group to contract over 100 times, providing oxygen and improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation.


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