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When your business partners with us as a Local First Sponsor, you are helping the community.

You are giving us momentum to help spread #thelocalfirstchallenge.

This helps us punt local businesses and charities  as well as promote your business DAILY in various exciting ways.

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Here’s to a rocking and successful 2023 for businesses all round and to major development of local businesses, to attract tourists and mark our spot in the map as the getaway destination of choice! 


We want to get off on the right foot with offering your business an offer that will take your advertising to the next level while you #payitforward to small local businesses and charities as well as local initiatives. Read on to learn more about this offer…


With our intention to campaign for outstanding local businesses, we have started a movement and we are able to feature one sponsor client monthly as a campaign.  Would you like to apply to partner with in our mission to recycle money locally? Your business will be acknowledged and will help drive our efforts massively. 

Will you be a part of our story?

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When your business partners with us as a Local First Sponsor, you are helping us, and giving us momentum to help small businesses who bring radiance and unique ideas, services or products to the Hibiscus Coast.  


As our form of our appreciation, we will promote your business DAILY in various exciting ways.  When sponsoring our movement,  you receive the added opportunity to be a Campaign Client as an extra perk at no extra cost. 

That’s just our way of saying…


We want to expose your business to our plethora of social media platforms in the grandest scheme possible, with a funky tone that hypes local spirit and community connection

what it means

So, it sounds exciting but if you’re wondering what you get, here’s the brief:


Listing(s) in our website

Daily scheduled posts by our team

Banner space in our website 

Promotion in our articles with ad space 

Massive acknowledgement as our Local First Sponsors on all posts

NEW – you get to sponsor a charity campaign as well! 

We have so many unique ways, let’s chat!


Your business will appear alongside #thelocalfirstchallenge in all of our daily posts such as; #LocalGemSpotlights, Daily Event posts, Category adverts, Competitions, General posts, etcetera. 


This provides an extensive advertising service by marketing your business as well as you being an exclusive campaign client for that month at no extra charge. It is a massive way to be acknowledged locally and score unbeatable advertising. 

Team Local First