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When your business partners with Local First and #thelocalfirstchallenge, you are helping the community.


Firstly, WELCOME to Local First and our Partners <3 thank-you so much for joining our movement,  #thelocalfirstchallenge. Getting small businesses more exposure in a highly competitive National and International biz-world, is the name of the game. And we are here to help that. Whether your business is big or small, we got you! 

All Local First team members are extremely passionate about reinvesting money into the Hibiscus Coast Communities and we are excited to work alongside your brand as we let our members know all about you.

We are having so much fun as we campaign local via #thelocalfirstchallenge to our members, followers & subscribers

Tips for maximizing the benefits of #thelocalfirstchallenge

Magic happens when two parties come together in mutual respect and the same powerful intention – we are here to help you grow your brand and we appreciate very much that you promote the very local challenge that you’ve joined, here are some tips.


USE our Facebook recognized Hashtag

You’ve joined a movement that has it’s very own Facebook issued challenge hashtag #thelocalfirstchallenge, which you can add to your social hashtags on your local socials.

Is it local?  YES? Then you can gain extra exposure and possible algorithm momentum by using the hashtag when you want to share local with like-minded people.


This way we expose local and the communities’ collective strength, skills, resources, power, and namely contribution toward our vibrant Hibiscus Coast.


An Active Business Page

One quality post per day is absolutely ideal, but 3 posts consisting of many interesting images is a great way for us to get more interaction on your Facebook business page. If you do not have the team members, time, or even the creativity to get this going, chat with us about adding the #thelocalfirstchallenge touch to your local biz, we love new challenges and are eager to impress you!


Keep your Listings updated.

Your Local First account manager will assist you with any login requests or password resets should you need help. DID YOU KNOW? The ranking of your post on Google can be pushed right up if you add more information to your listing? Let your potential customers find exactly what it is that they are looking for Read here for a more info on how to list on and manage your listing


✔ MENTION @Local First – Hibiscus Coast in your posts!

If you want to make sure we see your content, TAG us in your posts. We give special attention to posts <3

Local First Stickers

We are in the process of building up our digital social presence with #thelocalfirstchallenge campaign images with a quirky personality to maximize the optimism and highlighting our desire to spread happiness and fun whilst we work to increase the communities social wealth. Physical exciting apparel to be available SOON too.


welcome to local first and our partners

Would you be interested Interested in sponsoring #localgemspotlights and local charities? Read here

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Save your Listing to your home-screen on your phone for easy access. This is a pretty cool feature your smartphone may have – your link will appear as an APP icon on your home screen. See image attached..