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Mind and Body COnnection

Becoming present. We as humans may need to consciously decide that it’s time for change. How do we get to the point of our lives where we can appreciate the NOW moments that bring gratitude, prosperity and peaceful moments? Combine the feeling of a united community with loving self-discipline and experience the major benefits of mindfulness.  The word “yoga” has come to describe a means of uniting or a method of discipline: to join the body to the mind and together join to the self (soul).

Instructors like Cassi Volkwyn believe activities like Chi Kung and Yoga are a better ways to staying Happy and Healthy during the year 2021. 


We are blessed with such stunning weather, walks on the beach, Yoga and Chi Kung at the Ramsgate Whale deck sound like the perfect addition to a successful day. 

Breathe in the sea air – refreshing and healing for the lungs 🫁

Move the body – keep the immune system strong and healthy 🧘🏻‍♀️
Meditation – connect to your divine and maintain a healthy brain with positive thought patterns 💫🙏🏻
All above good tips to staying happy and healthy. 

It’s hard not to feel more peaceful in the presence of Cassi Volkwyn

Some people can feel a little bit intimidated and nervous to try #yoga and that’s not at all surprising when all you see online are teeny tiny yogis twisted in impossible positions with perfect lighting surrounded by succulents.

Yoga, and we cannot stress this enough, IS FOR EVERYONE!

No matter your body type, fitness, level of flexibility, ability or mobility… yoga is for you.
When we are not in lockdown, join absolutely any one of their classes. There are no advances or beginner classes… they practice together and you go only as far as your body wants to go.
Join their Ramsgate Whale Deck classes:
💚Wednesdays at 9am
💚Wednesdays at 5.30pm
💚Saturdays at 9am
✨R50 with a contribution going towards the Ramsgate Conservancy.
To join their community contact Cassi on

📲 083 226 4579

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Join for Yoga and Chi Kung

Yoga is a practice of gentle stretching, exercises for breath control, and meditation a tool for mindfulness. The theory behind yoga practice is that the union of mind and spirit in exercise brings balance to the body and promotes healing Most importantly, a growing body of research suggests that the practice of yoga may reduce insulin resistance syndrome and may attenuate signs, reduce complications, and improve the prognosis of diabetes

cassi volkwyn yoga whale deck local first ramsgate ramsgate conservancy

Chi Kung

is easy to learn and enjoyable to do. With just a few minutes of practise , it can have an invigorating and rejuvenating effect on your overall health. Qigong benefits the general quality of life, reduces hypertension, aids in fall prevention and balance, improves cognitive performance and muscle strength, reduces symptoms associated with osteoarthritis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and reduces pain. In addition, it has psychological benefits such as reductions in anxiety and depression and improved self-confidence. Chi Kung can be practiced anywhere by almost anyone, irrespective of age or physical condition. Incorporating appropriate Chi Kung practice would have synergetic effects on health, including dementia

The visionaries

cassi volkwyn yoga whale deck local first ramsgate ramsgate conservancy

Cassi Volkwyn

I have become a member of Ramsgate conservancy and am being proactive in uplifting the community by changing the “same old” moondeckers to one that is exciting and new.


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