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your business deserves quality, fresh content.

Do you have a stagnant page? Would you like to attract leads to your business via your social channels.. but just don’t know where to start? Read on for some tips.. 



What amount of time are you dedicating to your Facebook business page? If you created it awhile ago, but don’t review it regularly, you may be missing a valuable opportunity. You’ll be able to use Facebook more effectively if you develop a Facebook strategy regardless of whether your goal is to boost sales, engage current and prospective customers, or simply build brand awareness. And a massive benefit to modern marketing – we can even do this for you, you don’t need to lift a finger! Chat to our team about handling your socials.. 


Create engaging content on Facebook that keeps users coming back for more by following these tips:

Offer Valuable Content

Update your Facebook page about your business as much as possible, but don’t go overboard. Create a mix of business-related content (product tips, sales events, behind-the-scenes materials and photos) and third-party content, such as links to industry blogs and forums, to attract more customers. Providing users with useful resources builds your credibility. Consider introducing a new weekly or monthly feature, such as a “discount of the week” with an offer in conjunction with a special. Keep fans informed about this ongoing feature, in order to ensure they return next time.

Quality Content Counts

Don’t just post stand-alone pictures of your products and services. Demonstrate them being used by happy, satisfied customers. Modern marketing is successful when you make a customer feel something, and this is done well with visuals! Also, encourage your fans to tag photographs they take when they use your product or service, so that you can share these as well, or to check in at your establishment on Facebook, or review your listing!

Consider Your Content

Despite the fact that you find every aspect of your business fascinating, an overly long, wordy post is unlikely to attract the likes, shares and comments you desire. In order for followers to read your posts, keep them short and to the point, usually between 100-250 characters of information, besides for your contact info and entry line. (Shorter posts of 60-80 characters are likely to be more easily absorbed by fans with rapid-fire attention spans.)

If you are looking for quality, showstopping content creation to be scheduled to your social platforms by a dynamic team – look no further! The Local First Media Team are ready to impress you and boost your stats! 🙂 Let’s chat..